"Beasties" is a series of children's books inspired illustrations of insects that are often considered ugly, disgusting, and neglected. The characters include Willy the wasp, Camillo the worm, Morris the mosquito, Larry the leech, Greta the shield bug, and Molly the maggot. These illustrations were created to mark the launch of University of the Arts London (UAL) Skills Swap online platform.

Skills Swap is an online platform where UAL graduates can share their skills with others and seek support. The project was developed by Filippa Wollbeck, a graduate in BA Product&Industrial Design at CSM and Matthew O'Donnell, who goes by the name MOOGZ and is a graduate in BA Sound Art at LCC. The main aim of the project is to change the perception of these insects by giving them names and making them lovable and recognizable to children. The idea is to inform people of all ages about the important role these small creatures play in our ecosystem and encourage them to preserve them.

The project is available at the UAL Graduate Support Hub, and below my illustrations, you can see some of the final posters created by Filippa and Matthew's virtual world.

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