BEASTIES is a series of children’s books illustrations representing ugly, disgusting and neglected insects, 2022.

Willy the wasp, Camillo the worm, Morris the mosquito, Larry the leech, Greta the shield bug and Molly the maggot.

These illustrations have been used for a collaborative project for the launch of the new UAL Skills Swap online platform, Spring 2022.
“Skills Swap is a space where to share your skills with other UAL graduates and where to find support.”

People involved in the project: Filippa Wollbeck, BA Product&Industrial Design CSM and Matthew

O’Donnell, in art MOOGZ, BA Sound Art LCC, UAL Graduate Hub Support.

“We intend to beautify these neglected creatures and tell a new story about them, giving them names and making them lovable and recognisable by children when seen for real in nature.”

Sustainibility is the key.

Project available at UAL Graduate Support Hub.